Public Views

The Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) has organised a three-month public engagement (PE) exercise from 30 September 2021 to 29 December 2021 to gauge views from the public on Control of Single-use Plastics. During the public interaction phase, members of the public could submit their views through the following channels:

  1. in person or by post;
  2. by facsimile (3150 8168);
  3. by email ([email protected]); or
  4. by telephone (2788 6564).

SDC has received over 9 400 Views Collection Forms, and 60 written submissions from organisations / companies or individuals. In addition, comments were received through other channels, including 35 engagement events.

Unless the respondents have requested that their views be kept confidential, the above submissions and comments are published on this webpage. Advertising messages and offensive contents have been removed.

Due to the large amount of submissions received, there may be errors and omissions in the compilation. The SDC will make the appropriate amendments as appropriate.

Handling of Personal Data

In order to protect personal privacy, senders’ personal data has been removed from the submissions, unless the sender is an organisation or has asked to publish those personal data. Names on the submissions for which the respondents have requested for anonymity are also removed.

Submissions Sent after the End of PE

After the end of PE, we have received 3 submissions. These submissions have been recorded, but not included in the analysis, and published on the webpage as well.

Index of Public Opinions

  1. Public engagement events
  2. Written submissions from organisations
  3. Written submissions from individuals
  4. Petitions
  5. Views Collection Form