Annex I – The Public Engagement Process

The public engagement (PE) adopts a bottom-up and stakeholder oriented approach based upon a two-stage framework: Stage 1 - Identifying Priorities and Challenges; and Stage 2 – Developing Recommendations for Controlling Single-use Plastics.

In Stage 1, the Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) appointed experts with relevant knowledge as co-opt members of its Strategy Sub-committee (SSC) to provide advice on a more definitive scope of the PE. Towards this end, the SSC organised three Focus Group Meetings (FGMs) in July 2021 to collect views from various stakeholders including retail and wholesale, delivery, logistic and e-commerce sectors; food outlets and pre-packaged food sector; medical and health; chambers of commerce; recycling trade and suppliers for alternative materials; professional organisations; academics; green groups; and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The stakeholders were invited to give their initial views on the overall direction of the PE, with a view to outlining key issues for public discussion and suggesting ways to encourage public participation.

Based on the views collected from the FGMs and advice of SSC, the SDC has compiled this PE document to further engage the public and stakeholders in Stage 2. In this stage, the SDC, with the support of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, will introduce this PE document to the wider community and organise a number of briefing sessions, town hall meetings and other public interaction activities to gauge the views of the community in formulating Hong Kong’s strategy on control of single-use plastics. In addition, a randomised telephone survey will be conducted to understand the general public’s views on their basic understanding on the issue and their willingness to contribute in reducing single-use plastics. In order to reach out to the wider public, the public interaction activities will be promoted through the networks and connections of the Supporting Organisations of this PE. At the same time, the SDC will publicise the PE through TV Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs), radio broadcast, promotional posters, pamphlets and dedicated website.