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Public Engagement

Public Engagement Document

Chapter 4 - Your Views Matter

Your Views Mean A Lot

4.1 The climate crisis touches every aspect of our lives. We are running out of time to avoid or mitigate catastrophic impacts of climate change.

4.2 To adequately address the climate crisis, we must urgently reduce our carbon emissions. It requires cross-sectoral actions on lifestyle/consumption, buildings, transport, energy, water and waste systems, etc. with wide participation from the community, the business sector and the Government at all levels.

4.3 The Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) sincerely invites you to send your views on issues related to the formulation of the long-term decarbonisation strategy for Hong Kong. Please complete and return the views collection form in Chapter 4 on or before 20 September 2019. Please also visit SDC’s dedicated website at for updated information on the public engagement activities.

4.4 Please note that the SDC would wish, either during private or public discussion or in any subsequent reports, to be able to refer to and attribute views submitted in response to this Public Engagement document. Any request to treat all or part of a response in confidence will be respected, but if no such request is made, it will be assumed that the response is not intended to be confidential and the SDC may disclose or publish all or part of the views received as well as the identity of the source.

Decarbonisation is for human survival and the well-being of our future generations.

There is no time to waste in the fight against climate change. We need to act NOW and plan AHEAD!

Every measure counts! Your views are appreciated! We look forward to receiving your views.

Views Collection Form

Chapter 3 Annex
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